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 Jobs lost: Who benefits? Part 1 of 2

By Raymond Barend

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Posted Jun 23, 2012 @ 08:38 PM

This is a quote from the President’s State of the Union address on Jan. 24, 2012: “No American company should be able to avoid paying its fair share of taxes by moving jobs and profits overseas.  From now on, every multinational company should have to pay a basic minimum tax.”

My concern is when he said, “From now on. ” What this tells me is Congress knew exactly what was happening to our jobs over those many years.  They took no action to stop the outsourcing of jobs from leaving our country.

Many of our factories are closed, and our manufacturing and domestic jobs have disappeared by literally moving them out of our country over the past several years, and thereby meticulously eliminating America’s middle class. All this happened under the watchful eyes of our (then) Congress, their supporting lobbyists and special interest groups.

Bain Capital had been a huge well-organized business that has eliminated America’s industries; again under more watchful eyes of (the chosen one).  They have devastated the American middle class and unions through an unethical but legal system, making many multi-millionaires.  Unfortunately, very little has changed in the corporate world with the way things are managed for their own benefits.  The other benefactors in this equation are America’s large retailers that benefit the most, as they have purchased their merchandise from foreign countries for resale in the United States. To qualify my statement, pick up the item you have purchased and see where it was made.

Before unions were organized, employees were at the mercy of the employer. Most corporate employers had no idea what the word “democracy” meant or how it was defined.  Employees had 12-hour workdays, seven days a week.  There was no such thing as a vacation.  They worked for minuscule wages, just barely enough to get by on.  There were no health benefits of any kind.  Unions and democracy brought the employees to elevated living conditions, the newly created and evolving middle class.  For years, employers and employees all managed to survive fairly well until many became greedy.

The employees should also share in part of the greed concept. The unions became very powerful negotiators, which has led to many concessions by corporations over the years. Some of these concessions certainly added to the corporations’ financial problems.  The unions have recently made many concessions to assist in bringing prosperity back to where it belongs, the USA.

First of two parts by Raymond Barend of Canandaigua, a retired Rochester firefighter, former Bristol town supervisor and former chairman of the Ontario County Board of Supervisors.

By Raymond Barend
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Posted Jul 10, 2012 @ 07:31 PM —

 Jobs lost: Who benefits? Part 2 of 2

Nothing will change, unless we the people demand it, 

The enforcement of decent working ethics was always a major concern of our once industrialized nation. To emphasize the downside of poor working ethics, I am releasing some information I received from a retired person and a very close friend of mine.

A young woman just out of high school started working for a large auto parts industry in Rochester. The year was 1949, and at that time there was no employee bargaining unit. With no bargaining unit in place, the women were at the mercy of management. They were not allowed to leave their workstation until break time. This was a carburetor production line of approximately 60 people (about 90 percent were women). If anyone had to use the restroom, they were forced to endure the pain or let it run down their legs until their break. Their break was seven minutes, and they had to be accompanied by a matron to the bathroom. They were not allowed to fraternize with fellow employees. This young woman did not even let them know that she was pregnant, because she was afraid of losing her job. The women then devised a plan to stuff rags into their underpants in case they were to have a problem.

This occurred for quite some time until they voted for union representation. It is my understanding Management gave them a very tough time when it came time to voting on joining the union. I hope I do not have to wonder how you would have voted if you were allowed the opportunity.

The USA and many other countries live in a world of plutocracy. Plutocracy is a government run by and for the wealthy class. Things will never change until we, the people, demand real change from all political parties. Being wealthy is great as long as you do not rob someone to attain your wealth. We, the working class, have been robbed of our livelihood and can no longer sustain a decent standard of living when we have a plutocracy-run government. I am sure we soon will be working for wages that require us to live below the poverty level. I believe anyone holding office who stood by, and allowed the downgrading of America’s middle class, should be voted out of office.

I see a possible solution to part of this dilemma. For both management and employees: It would be to follow the rules and regulations governing contract negotiations and would include a no-strike clause.

1 — Formal negotiations (if that fails, Step-2, etc.)
2 — Fact-finding
3 — Mediation
4 — Arbitration
5 — Binding arbitration

Second of two parts by Raymond Barend of Canandaigua — a retired Rochester firefighter, former Bristol town supervisor and former chairman of the Ontario County Board of Supervisors — exploring the current state of the U.S. economy.

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  1. M.S. Says:

    I definitely believe you are right. Your website certainly spelled it out after I read your information on work ethics. Your reasons managed to hit the nail on the head. It is wrong to have that happen to any human. I will be back to get more. Thanks

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  3. B. Taylor Says:

    Hi, you have some awesome information on your website. Lucky me, I discovered your web site unintentionally, and I am surprised as well as shocked at your remarkable findings. You are right when you stated nothing will change unless we the people demand it. I rest our case…

  4. P.Nealson Says:

    Wow, superb blog layout! I see you started your web site in July of 2011 and you made blogging look easy. The overall view of your site is excellent, as well as its content! You are absolutely right about the fact nothing will change unless we the people demand it. Thanks for a remarkable undertaking…

  5. J.J. Prince Says:

    Hi, you indicated here that nothing will change unless we the people demand it. You related to the enforcement of decent working ethics and it was always a major concern of our once industrialized nation. You have stated so many times throughout your website that the Middle Class population will eventually be downgraded and soon after be eliminated. They soon will be working for wages that require them to live below the poverty level.

    I must say, If that is the case we will no longer be the most successful Country in the world and I believe slavery is outlawed!!